Prozzäk was a Canadian pop music duo that consisted of Jay Levine (voice of Simon) and James Bryan McCollum (voice of Milo). Simon and Milo were initially enemies (and I mean enemies) and they fought each other in a war called "Ochiyaki". The war lasted for more than 20 years. But then some funky voice was like "hey you guys are actually best friends!!!" and now they're on a mission to find their true love through their music. At least they were on a mission like that, you know, because Prozzäk disbanded in 2019.


Simon tells stories that represent Jay Levine's life, real life. I don't know if I want to talk about that because I'm not exactly comfortable with talking about the lives of strangers behind their backs but uh. "Anna-Lisa" makes references to his parents' divorce. There, that's all I'll say.

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(Note: the following is canon information found on the archived official webpage, prozzak.com. The purpose of me putting this page in here is to inform people who might be unaware of the lore.)