(that is Prozzäk-related lol)

Is Milo not just a wholesome chad?

Why was the war called Ochiyaki? Did it take place in Japan? Milo had a brother named Jurgen (Jürgen?), a popular masculine given name in Germany, Estonia, Belgium and the Netherlands, could he be from one of those countries? But what about Simon? Where is he from? If neither are from an Asian country, why was the war called something pseudo-Japanese? Could it be that they are not from our planet? Are they from another planet? Towards the end of the story, it says "Your first stop...EUROPA", does this mean Europe or a moon of Jupiter? My questions will never be answered.

If Simon has no neck, but still has arms and a torso, does that mean that you can look into his body? Like, can you see his organs? Is there a hole? And, if his head is completely disconnected from his body, how does he think? How does he function?
@ jay levine please explain

If Milo can get Simon out of any situation, is strong as fck, and gets btches like Grigorij Rasputin...is he not just a chad in the position of God?

who the FCK is minnie mae

HOW THE HELL DOES MILO SEE??? WHAT??? WH. wh hsh k WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, Prozzäk had the coolest website ever...it's got a guide on how to make your own fansite, complete with a short and easy to follow HTML reference...they even ended racism at one point. Sometimes I wish I had discovered them earlier.

Why doesn't Simon just date Milo at this point. Like. Simon's looking for love everywhere he goes, but it was Milo all along. If Simon can't get btches, why doesn't he just date Milo instead lol

is simon british unironically

(Two average Canadian (?) men appear on-screen.) I'm Simon...this is Milo. I'm Milo. Welcome (Welcome) to Prozzäk's Hot Show (Hot Show, Hot show). Enjoy. Enjoy. (Simon's head makes odd creaking noises as it hovers over where his neck should be. Milo's teeth are audibly shining. Not long after, we can hear Simon moaning in pain. Milo raises his hand to catch the teacher's attention.) Yes Milo, what is it? Miss, it seems that my friend (and musical partner) Simon has fallen ill. Please let me take him to the school nurse. Of course you can Milo, but make it quick. Tell me, Simon, what seems to be the problem?
A little sexual frustration, combined with lack of motivation, and a loss of concentration, I've got a Strange Disease. I can't concentrate on work. My libido's gone berserk. Now I'm sweating through my shirt, I've got a

simon likes low fat cheese wow
i'm not kidding. fcking look

thinking about this image

www.nevergetoveryou makes me wanna SKATE!!! and i don't have a skateboard and i have balance issues!!!!!

i have not been listening to prozzäk as much as i should've. sorry prozzäkians (edit: listening to strange disease rn B) it's good tune)

weird thought but do you think that simon listens to type o negative? like, he seems like the type to do so.

(simon voice) i'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZIIIIIING
(milo voice) simon i appreciate that you are expressing yourself in a healthy way but it is 3 am if you don't tone it down the neighbours will file a noise complaint